What we do

Socially Said supports organisations with their Social Media Strategy, helping them to drive engagement and growth. Choose your platform and your medium, and we will create the content for your story.

  • tell great stories

    We devise, develop and
    dream up incredible
    content that creates
    your story and gives you
    a strong voice.

  • build relationships

    We engage with your audience, we keep the conversation flowing.

  • make people care

    We look after your
    audience. Where would
    you be without your
    readers? After all, they
    are the reason you exist.

Our packages

From £200 per month, we can use the options below to tailor a package that suits you. Call us and we can discuss your story.

  • The short story

    Ongoing management
    of your social
    media story.

    • Account set up
    • 3-4 unique posts a week
    • 1-3 social accounts managed
    • Monthly report
    • Simple strategy plan
    • Dedicated account manager
  • The novella

    Move your digital story
    on to the next chapter
    and hook your reader.

    • Account set up
    • 1 unique post EVERY day
    • 1-3 social media accounts
    • Monthly report
    • Strategy plan
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Audience building
  • The never ending story

    Create the plot, develop
    the characters and have
    your reader desperate
    for the sequel.

    • Account set up
    • 2 unique posts EVERY day
    • 1-4 social media accounts
    • Monthly report
    • Detailed Strategy plan
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Audience building

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